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Ever since I (who?) made a Club Penguin blog as a kid, I’ve wanted to make a personal blog. But I worried about what I would write and whether it would be useful.

Because those things don’t matter and I have some time today, I decided to make the blog I always dreamed about. A place where I can write long-form thoughts about the things that interest me.

A place where I don’t have to worry about filtering my opinions, not because authenticity is important, but because I’ve set up a metaphysical barrier that prevents anyone who disagrees with me from entering.

Now that only the right people are reading, let’s get started.

Content Types

Over time, I will fill this space with different kinds of content, including:

  • pretentious thinkpieces
  • tutorials/walkthroughs
  • devlogs
  • life updates
  • fiction?
  • unhinged polemics

These posts may be about all kinds of things - I hack, make music, play games, develop personal projects, take pictures…

Beautiful image
I’ve never been here. This is from Pixabay.

Topic Ideas

Some things I’ve considered writing about include:

How to make a blog, the difference between ease and simplicity, the relationship between bike infrastructure and hacking, running Dirtywave M8 firmware headless on a PiBoy DMG, Compiz and my personal history with Linux, markdown / why WYSIWYG is a crime, Panic’s Playdate and the importance of indie gaming, analog vs software synthesis, how to use Ableton, a MIDI primer, setting up the world’s most adorable server cluster with Raspberry Pis, how to access any computer from anywhere, why you’re doing passwords wrong, the inability to eliminate the human factor from cybersecurity, game development patterns, how people interact with cats incorrectly, your incredible eyesight.

Slide in my DMs to let me know if any of those speak to you.


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